I’m Tony Bourke. I’m a networking/systems instructor and course ware developer. I’m also a USPA rated skydiving instructor (AFF-I) and hold an FAI world record in skydiving.

I’m a former condescending Unix administrator turned network instructor turned data center overlord. I also fly small planes for fun, jump out of planes for fun, run stupid distances for fun, and eat an entirely plant-base diet (vegan).



6 Responses to About

  1. Tony Just ran onto your Blog!

    I am a multi OS and Topology network dog
    and Have been enjoying the process of using More and more VM
    in an ever widening path at my Work.

    I love your sense of Humor and direct easy to read syntax.

    I will be back to see and hear more!

    Keep the rubber side down with your airplane and careful on How much Kimchee you eat

    Both have serious side effects if you know what I mean.


  2. Clement says:

    Hey Tony, I’d like to have your opinion on the matters of network security, VMware and UCS technologies. How can I contact you?

  3. Great talk on UCS over at Packet Pushers.

  4. Eduardo Cesaro says:

    Hi Tony,

    I would like to start to study for the ccna data center, what material you recommend me to study? I mean, what site? books? Configuration Guide?

    I’ m CCNP R / S and CCNP Wireless


    Eduardo Cesaro

  5. Chana says:

    I LOVE this blog!! who said IT geeks were boring!! i love your sense of humor!! and most importantly I LOVE the fact that i could read your articles and not fall asleep!!!

    thank you.

    Chana Atar
    Network Engineer

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