CCIE Data Center Study Resources

Going for the CCIE Data Center? Here are some links that cover the topics outlined in the written and lab blueprints.


Great writeup and what was learning during Cisco Live! US June of 2012:

Fibre Channel/Cisco MDS

There’s already a CCIE Storage Networking tract, but rumor is that it’s going away after the CCIE DC becomes established. Either way, you’re going to need to know some Fibre Channel.

There are several storage and Fibre Channel books I’ve read, but I think a great intro/medium level Fibre Channel book can be found for free on EMC’s website. It’s mostly vendor agnostic, and it covers Fibre Channel really, really well. If you want to go down esoteric signalling rabbit holes, this isn’t the book (try the Kimbel books).

Networked Storage Concepts and Protocols by Mark Lippitt and Erik Smith (@eriksmith7)

Ron Fuller recommends this (I haven’t read it.. yet): Cisco Storage Networking Cookbook 

Nexus 7000

Ron Fuller is a TME working for Cisco, specializing in the Nexus 7000 and its technologies. He’s also a great guy. Here’s a 3-part series on OTV (Overly Transport Protocol).

OTV Deep Dive: Part 1

OTV Deep Dive: Part 2

OTV Deep Dive: Part 3

Nexus 5000/2000 FEX

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  1. Tony, is the Wrath of Data Center podcast still being run? Keep the episodes coming

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