Want to know what I do when I’m not writing snark-filled posts about various data center technologies? No? Well too bad. I sometimes fly airplanes for fun. Here’s a video of some aerobatics training I did earlier this week.

3 Responses to Aerobatics

  1. Peter Foppen says:

    I have my first aerobatic flight this saturday.

    Not filed under “Always Be Learning”?
    There’s more to life than data center 🙂

  2. tonybourke says:

    Actually Peter, that’s an excellent point. Few things I’ve done have helped me become a better “learner” as well as instructor than getting my pilot license.

    And it wouldn’t be just flying. Learning any new skill at any stage in life typically helps you on unexpected ways for other seemingly unrelated endeavors.

  3. Peter Foppen says:

    That’s exactly what I meant. In the past I’ve done a sales / soft skills training.
    Translated to English it was called “Seeing the same thing, differently.”

    One of the assignments was to paint a painting and sell that on the street, to complete strangers. A strange assignment at first, but it helps you to get over that uncanny feeling, when you do new things that are totally out of your comfort zone.
    This way you’re more aware of the process of learning.

    I’ve had a fantastic flight BTW.

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