Oh don’t be like that ACE, you had to know it was coming

Looks like the rumor was true, and it’s not just the ACE30 Service Module: Cisco will stop developing the ACE load balancers. The article quotes a statement from Cisco that includes this:

…Cisco has decided it will not develop further generations of its ACE load-balancing products.

I wonder if that means they won’t even bother to release the vACE or the Nexus 7000 Service Module (both of which have been mentioned in Cisco Live! presentations I believe).

Not sure what this means for the CCIE Data Center either. I think it would be relatively easy to strip the ACE out. It doesn’t appear to be a key component, just sort of tacked on anyway. I used to joke that the CCIE Data Center exam would be more relevant if it included F5’s LTM. We’ll see.

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