Long Distance vMotion Is A Dumpster Fire

In this screencast, I go on a rant about why long-distance vMotion is a dumpster fire. Seriously, don’t do it.

7 Responses to Long Distance vMotion Is A Dumpster Fire

  1. Dwayne Salmon says:

    HI Tony,

    Such a knowledgable podcast. Learned at lot especially from the DC side. Container indeed are much better than relying on vm.

  2. Hi! awesome preso, what drawing app do you use?

  3. masonj77 says:

    Great preso, what drawing app are you using? I am guessing the board itself is a WACOM, but what software?

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  5. marco says:

    Really impressive post. I confess you that I always thought that long distance vmotion is such a cool thing but, after reading your post, I understood that it doesn’t really make much sense.
    I read tons of post but… this really provides added value, one of the most important and illuminating I ever found


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